Spend less time copying and pasting repetitive
code and more time shipping stuff that matters

Whalemail makes sending emails fast and easy by giving you powerful tools to modify and build your emails

Keeping local copies is a bad way to store template versions

That’s why we built a Git-based system. If you push an update that breaks a current email, we'll detect the error, identify the most recent error-free version, and deploy from there until the current problem is fixed. Automatically.

git tree

Build emails automatically and cut down on errors

We want to make sending emails easier for you. The Whalemail build system automates everything, saving you time and effort. If there are errors during the build process, you'll be notified and we'll hold off on sending emails until you correct the problem an give us the go ahead. Whalemail also provides:

  • Asset CDN hosting
  • Testing to insure error-free emails
  • CI system that prevents merging if fatal issues exist
  • Automatic code deployment with GitHub or GitLab

Easily update your emails with modular templates

Now when you need to update a logo in your transactional email headers, you only have to make the change in one place. Whalemail does this by letting you create nestable HTML modules that can be imported into your email templates, similar to modern day web development. No more going into each template to continually copy and paste snippets.

Template variables replace lines of lengthy code

The old way

Previously, you had to edit each email and push changes one at a time, which made it time consuming to update.

deploy manually

The new way

Edit one template and deploy your changes everywhere. Whalemail saves your sanity and your time.

deploy automatically

What are you waiting for?

Try Whalemail for free and find out how much time you could save building transactional emails